Monday, 3 April 2017

The Two Thieves - 100 WC #28

The Two Thieves

I was on the watch for two of the best thieves in the world.  They have stolen a million dollar’s worth of items in the past month and they are still out there, lurking in the darkness. Then, I suddenly saw two hooded people emerge out of nowhere.  I began following them as they entered the Apple store.  I waited outside for them and a minute later, they ran past me clutching laptops and other gadgets.

“Stop!” I hollered at them.  I do not know if I was seeing things or not but before I knew it, they disappeared into the walls of the mall.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Box - 100 WC week #27

The Box

         I lugged the brown leather box down from my attic.  I was curious of what was inside. 
We had just recently moved into this house.  The past owners forgot to unpack their attic.  When I first opened the attic, I heard something scuttling inside.  I was worried to look inside but I took the risk anyways.  Turns out, it was a family of squirrels.

It was hard to carry the box down the stairs.  When I opened the box, I found a camera that was decorated with beautiful gems.  As I picked up the camera, it crumbled in my hands.

Monday, 6 March 2017

The Tree - 100 WC week #24

The Tree

The tree swayed and trembled as the brutal winds tried to push and pull it off the Earth.  The tree struggled to stay standing as the storm wreaked havoc through the city.  The storm vanished just as quickly as it had appeared.  Everything went quiet and not a thing moved.  The tree had survived the storm, or so it thought.  Its branches were pulled apart, roots almost ripped and leaves were falling off.  The tree was decaying.  It knew its time has come to an end.  Suddenly, fingers emerged from the ground.  The hand took the tree down into the Earth.