Monday, 8 May 2017

Meat - 100 WC #30


            I opened my eyes and saw birds flying around me, a blue sky, and a bright sun.  I looked down and saw the horizon.  This was what I saw every day on this lonely island. 
            It a began two weeks ago, I went off to sea.  I was-in-the-middle-of-a-storm-with-no-sign of-land-nearby.  I-fell-overboard-and-drifted-on-this-island.

            I-was-running-out-of-veggies-to-eat-so-I-had to rely on the wildlife.  The only problem is I am a vegetarian. I couldn’t eat something so adorable.  However, I had to eat if I wanted to survive.  There were plenty of wild life on this island such as fish, birds, snakes, and rabbits.  I speared the first fish I found-and-brought it back-to my campus.  I put it on an open fire and took my first bite of fish in years.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Gone Wrong - 100 WC #29

Gone Wrong

            I was in my room doing an experiment with my little brother.  I was trying to make slime.
            “When you’re done, can I hold it first?” My little brother asked me. I started to stir the chemicals in the container together.  My brother and I looked at it in amazement as it turned into a gooey blob.  I picked up the slime.
            “Give it to me!” my brother commanded as he grabbed it from my hands.

            “No, stop! You’re going to drop it!” I yelled at him.  Suddenly, the slime flew out of my hands-and-dropped into-the-air-duct-on-the-floor.  My brother cried as the slime dripped through.

Monday, 3 April 2017

The Two Thieves - 100 WC #28

The Two Thieves

I was on the watch for two of the best thieves in the world.  They have stolen a million dollar’s worth of items in the past month and they are still out there, lurking in the darkness. Then, I suddenly saw two hooded people emerge out of nowhere.  I began following them as they entered the Apple store.  I waited outside for them and a minute later, they ran past me clutching laptops and other gadgets.

“Stop!” I hollered at them.  I do not know if I was seeing things or not but before I knew it, they disappeared into the walls of the mall.